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Degree seeking students

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Admission and Enrollment procedure for Non-EU prospective students residing abroad

This page is addressed to non-EU citizens residing abroad with foreign academic qualification (Citizens with dual citizenship one of which is European and Non-EU citizens living regularly in Italy with a valid Italian permit of stay, follow instructions here Enrollment Procedure for EU citizens and equivalents)

If you have reached this page, that means you have taken a look at our Programs, our support and our facilities and come to a decision: Pavia is the place for me! Now let’s get your application sorted out.

Before making your application:

1. In order to be eligible to apply to Bachelor degree program, you must hold a secondary school qualification conferred after a minimum of 12 years of schooling (overall). If you do not satisfy this requirement, you can choose to:
a: attend our Foundation Year program
b: fill the gap year by having completed at least 1 year of university/college study if the pre-university schooling is only of 11 years. An official certificate of attendance issued by your university/college will be required.

2. In order to be eligible to apply to a Master degree program, you must hold a Bachelor degree title after a minimum of 3 years.

3. All regulations concerning the admission of students holding a foreign degree to Italian Universities are reported in detail in a document issued yearly by the Ministry of University and Research. Please click the link to check the regulations on admission to the AY 2021/2022.

4. Make sure that your qualifications match what we're looking for: see the appropriate terms and conditions for offers made in the academic year 2021/2022 here ( A selective admission test can be required for some Bachelor or Master degree programs.

1. Apply here and check the deadline for applying;

2. Master degree program applicants must pay a 35 euro application fee. Instructions will be given while applying.

If you are a non European student residing abroad, you need to do a pre-enrollment via Italian Consulate and start the visa procedures. The official admission at the University of Pavia will be possible only after you will have done this pre-enrollment. 

*** As established by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), the pre-enrollment request will be submitted online through the platform UNIVERSITALY.  ***

*** The start date and the deadline for the online pre-enrollment will be announced soon by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) ***

If you’re a Non-EU student residing outside Italy but have obtained your qualification from one of the following schools, after completing the pre-enrollment please leave this page and go to Admission and Enrollment procedure for EU prospective students and equivalents – Step 2:

1. Italian high school or an Italian school abroad;
2. school listed in Attachment 2;
3. University of Siena/Perugia for foreigners with Diploma di lingua e cultura italiana;
4. any school but with an Italian language certificate of C1 or C2 level issued by CILS, CELI, ROMA3, PLIDA, Università per stranieri “Dante Alighieri” di Reggio Calabria or affiliated Istituti Italiani di Cultura abroad;

Non-EU prospective students residing abroad who apply to an Italian-taught program must sit for the Italian Admission Test organized by CISIA. 
  • Test date: will be defined soon
  • Exam modality: online
  • Test fee: will be defined soon
  • Exam structure: will be defined soon
The following categories of students are exempted from the Italian language examination:
1. Students who apply to a degree courses taught in English;
2. Students who have a certificate of B2 or above level issued by CILS, CELI, ROMA3 or PLIDA awarded as determined by the CLIQ (Italian Quality Language Certification) quality system, Università per stranieri “Dante Alighieri” di Reggio Calabria or affiliated Istituti Italiani di Cultura abroad;

Non-EU prospective students residing abroad who want to enroll in one of our Bachelor degree Programs must sit a test between September and October. The test could be a non-selective general culture test or a selective admission test, depending on the course. Prospective students from a country where the same course doesn’t require any compulsory admission test are exempted from the general culture test.

The test schedule is still to be defined. We will update the information as soon as possible.

Admitted students can finally proceed to the on-line enrollment registering in the Student Portal (Area Riservata). While enrolling please enter the expiration date of your study visa in the field permit of stay. Always remember to check the dealine for on-line enrollment which can be found in the call for applicants of the course.

Before getting it started, prepare the following documents:
1. a passport size photo in JPEG;
2. a copy of passport in PDF or JPEG;
3. a copy of Italian fiscal code in PDF or JPEG;
4. a copy of Italian visa for study in PDF or JPEG if applicable;

Then enter Area Riservata with your fiscal code and the password assigned by the system, go to the Enrollment section and start your on-line enrollment. Follow the indications to fill in the enrollment request with your personal information and upload the above-mentioned documents as required by the system.

After that your on-line enrollment has been completed correctly, the system will generate a receipt of enrollment and then you can proceed to pay the first installment of 156 euros through the PagoPA system on-line or off-line. See this page University Payments to learn how to make your payment.

In order to regularize their enrollment, students must send scans of the following documents to Registrar's Office (

1. Qualifications
    Students enrolling in a bachelor degree program: high school diploma with DOV(Dichiarazione di valore) / CIMEA Certificate of comparability The diploma can be original, a certified copy, a replacement certificate.

   Students enrolling in a master degree program:
   a. The final diploma (original copy, certified copy or replacement certificate) translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian embassy/consulate or apostilled. In case the document is issued in English language by the home university, no translation is needed.
   bDOV(Dichiarazione di valore) OR CIMEA Statement of comparability OR Diploma Supplement.

2. AFTER enrollment, submit a copy of your visa and permit of stay (or a proof of appointment) to the Registrar's Office.

In case the Italian embassy/consulate or CIMEA delays issuing the relevant documents, students must complete the documentation by 30th September 2022. Students who will not be able to complete the documentation by 30th September 2022 will remain in the first year for the academic year 2022/2023.

Students who fail to be admitted due to the position in the ranking of the pre-enrolled course can ask for a reassignment. The reassignment can be made:
1. in another course of University of Pavia (in the condition that student is eligible for that course in his/her original country. Relative indication can be seen on DOV);
2. in same course or in another course of other universities; In this case student needs to contact that university for details;

In the same way, students fail to enter another university can ask for the reassignment to an available course at University of Pavia. Please sent the request together with the DOV to Welcome Point in order to get a pre-evaluation. Upon the pre-evaluation we will let you know if you’re eligible, if we need other supplementary documents and which procedure you should follow in order to get reassigned to University of Pavia.