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Student Associations

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Student Associations

UNIPV has a wide variety of student associations, which shape the social scene in Pavia, providing both educational and recreational events. Find the full list and contact information below.

Student Services
  • Largest youth organisation in the world
  • Offers short internships in start-ups abroad for students and graduates aged 18-30

ADP: Association of Doctoral Students
  • Works for doctoral students' interersts and to enhance their role in university research activities

Attendiamoci UNIPV
  • Promotes the development of personal skills
  • Offers an annual training path, meetings, conferences, etc.

Coordinamento per il Diritto allo Studio- UdU Pavia
  • Defends students' rights within faculties and University government bodies
  • Promotes culture through events and conferences

STEP ESN Pavia (Erasmus Student Network)
  • Aims to support international students through providing assistance and organising initiatives for integration

AAECS: Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani
  • Promotes meetings and opportunities for students and alumni of the college
  • Open to anyone

AGM: Collegio Giasone del Maino
  • Pursues exclusively social purposes, promotes activities

ASV: Collegio Alessandro Volta
  • Runs activities in the sciences and humanities
  • Opportunities for foreign students, including Italian language and cultural initiatives in English

Collegio Borromeo Students
  • Educational events specializing in humanities 
  • Promotes independent initatives, and cooperation between colleges

Collegio Cairoli
  • Runs cultural, recreational and sporting initiatives
  • Notable events include the evening city run, and contemporary art exhibitions

Collegio Castiglioni Brugnaletti
  • Cultural and recreational activities related to current affairs

Collegio Lorenzo Valla
  • Runs cultural and recreational activities

Plinio Students
  • Promotes cultural and recreational initiatives, including competitions
  • Organises a living nativity scene

ELSA Pavia: The European Law Students' Association
  • Branch of the largest association of young jurists in the world

Ghislieri Philosophy
  • Runs meetings, conferences and seminars

Ghislieri Science
  • Advocates scientific dissemination, aimed at high school students
  • Promotes the 'Indiscienza' event and related initiatives

Harvey Medical Society
  • Coordinates relavant educational and recreational events

Kos: Medicine and Surgery
  • Represents students from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

SISM Pavia: Medical Students
  • Furthers the academic training of medical students
  • Promotes relationships between Italian universities, international universities, among students, and among students and civil society
  • Activites on specific medical education, social and medical training, and scientific research

Starting Finance Club
  • Promotes financial education, especially among young people
  • Creation of a university network for students to deepend their knowledge of economic and financial issues

Linguistics and Technology
  • Coordinates meetings between students with the same research interests

PESB: Pavia Engineering Student Branch
  • Runs seminars, presentations, meetings, etc.
  • Promotes participation in competitions, international conferences and scientific articles

Mathematics Pavese
  • Organises lectures, conferences and meetings
  • Orientation acitivies for students enrolled in BA Matematica

Students of Musicology and Cultural Heritage
  • Aims for socialisation and integration between students through cultural and recreational activities

Faith and Culture
ACP: Cameroonians of Pavia
  • Facilitates integration of Cameroonians into Pavia
  • Promotes African culture

ASM: Association of Muslim Students
  • Aims to promote cultural exchange, and social and religious tolerance
  • Organises cultural and educational events

Students for Christ
  • Sharing of thoughts and questions about God and the Bible

Political and Ideological
Students for Peace
  • Disseminates a culture of peace by organising cultural, supportive and recreational events
  • Based on the ideas of equality, rights of life, education, and health
  • Repudiates war and other forms of violence

  • Promotes a culture of legality and solidarity
  • Coordinates initatives against the mafia and for the promotion of justice

  • Cultural and recreational activities for all students interested in LGBTQI+

  • Runs cultural and recreational activities focused on cinema, TV and theatre

CGUP: Confederation of University Newspapers
  • Focuses on the collaboration and comparison of different newspapers

  • Radio station of Pavia running a variety of shows from live muic to talk shows

Theatre School
  • Teatro Fraschini runs a theatre school in collaboration with the university

Camera de' Bardi Classical Orchestra
Lorenzo Valla Choir
Collegio Cairoli Choir
Collegio Ghislieri Choir

Ateneo Studenti Pavia
  • Cultural and recreational activities for UNIPV students and beyond
  • Open to anyone

  • Cultural association which aims to promote science, innovation and valuable ideas
  • Promotes TEDx events

FUCI Pavia
  • Offers cultural and recreational activies for the enrichment of students

  • Association of Goliardia Pavese
  • Activity includes liberatorio scholarum, parties, singing challenges and exhibitons
  • Coordinates the Memole Scholarship

PAWMS: Pavia Adventure and Wilderness Medicine Society
  • Combines passion for adventure and the outdoors with basic pre-hopsital medical knowledge
  • Open to non-medical students