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Pavia has a lot to offer in terms of sports activities and facilities, and was internationally recognized as European City of Sport in 2014. For walkers and runners there are beautiful paths in Parco del Ticino and Parco della Vernavola, whilst the university sports center offers courses in numerous disciplines.
The Centro Universitario Sportivo (CUS) was founded in 1946, and currently has over 2800 members, offering many sports on competitive and non-competitive levels. Courses available include: canoeing, rowing, fencing, climbing, fitness, athletics, basketball, volleyball, football, tag rugby, archery, pilates and yoga.

Pavia offers: 2 sports halls, 4 public swimming pools, 3 private sports clubs, 26 school gyms, 8 university gyms, 20 multi-purpose playing fields, 15 football pitches, 5 boules areas, 4 private equestrian centers, 20 tennis fields, and numerous other facilities including golf courses and skating rinks.


With the Ticino River running through Pavia, canoeing and rowing are some of the most popular sports.

Canoeing courses range from those aimed at beginners to those aimed at professionals. Professional canoeing is Pavia is particularly strong, with CUS canoeists having won over 50 Italian championships. Every year, there is also the Vigevano-Pavia Marathon down the Ticino.

Rowing in Pavia took has dominated the sports scene since the first Pisa-Pavia Regatta in 1929, which still takes place annually. To date, Pavia student athletes have won 123 World Championship and Olympic medals.

Indeed, elite athletes are able to study at the University of Pavia, whilst also competing, thanks to the ‘Dual Career’ initiative.


Participation in the Sword Championship with both a male and a female team
  (Women- Series A, Men- Series B1)
- Competes in regional, national and international competitions
- Participates in CNUs-National University Championships- individuals and teams
- Organizes the Cittā di Pavia Trophy as part of the federal competition circuit

- Participates in track competitions, cross-country races and other competitions- both male and female
- Competes in federal competitions and CNUs

- Women compete in Series C of Regional Championship and Provincial Championships 2nd Division
- Men compete in Series D of Regional Championships and Provincial Championships 1st Division
- Participates in CSI Mixed Championship

- Men’s First team competes in Series C1 of the National Championship
- Women’s First team competes in Series A of the National Championship

- Participation in federal competitions
- Organizes the Cittā di Pavia Trophy as part of the federal competition circuit


Owing to the University of Pavia’s college system, sport competitions also exist on a collegiate level. Since 1998/99, there has been a College Trophy, where students compete in basketball, volleyball, football, beach volley, basketball, and athletics, as well as in the dragon boat race.

  • Zudda Rizza (meaning goosebumps): athletics course including running, long jump, and shot put
  • Access to a Paralympic discipline: athletics, canoeing, fencing, and archery
  • Abili si Diventa

- Gym with weight room and 4 studiosPersonal training
- Wide variety of courses
- Dance school: classic and contemporary, African, Latin American
- Pool: free swimming, swim school, acqua fitness, competitive swimming including water polo and synchronized swimming
- Outdoor pool in the summer months
- Spa
- Rehabilitation activities
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