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Pre- arrival Info for International Students

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Pre arrival Information for International Students

Travel to Italy
Conditions for entry of successful applicants and students of the University of Pavia to the territory of Italy are defined by the Italian Government. If you come from Abroad please check what to do upon your arrival and which are your obligations according to the italian law concerning Covid-19. Obligations are different according to where do you come from (home or transit country)

Entry requirements in Italy

Covid-19, new government measure on containment and management of epidemiological emergency

University of Pavia Covid Updates 

Once in Pavia
Permit of stay:
Non-EU citizens staying in Italy for longer than three months need to apply for a permit of stay within 8 days of their arrival in Pavia. The cost for the application is about 140 Euro.

In order to do this, take the following documents to:
Help Desk for International Students at the Pavia Police Station (Questura di Pavia, Salone Immigrazione)
Via Rismondo, 68
Open Thursdays 9AM - 1PM by appointment only available from 21 Sept 2020: (click on the helpdesk, fill a form and confirm your appointment).

Students in quarantine can start anticipating their documents to, attaching their passport with the study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.

Get more here
Fiscal Code:
The 'Codice Fiscale' is a tax identification number which is necessary for opening a bank account, renting privately, bying a SIM cars, but most importantly it is necessary for applying for the permit of stay.
It is free of charge; in order to get it, once in Pavia, Get more here

Accommodation Security rules

EDISU Student Residences- Measures to prevent and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus 

General precautions for all Students Residences:
In order to protect students, who are staying or will stay at our campus, has implemented a series of measures to protect guests from risk of COVID infection.
- The accommodations are sanitized at the exchange of each student;
- hand sanitizers are available at various points at the facility;
- Special signs are provided in Italian and English language;
- each student is welcomed by the person in charge, and is invited to fill in a self-certification certifying your situation in relation to the state of health.
-Upon arrival at the Residence, the student must present a signed Self-declaration with Assumption of Responsibility with a valid identity document attached. He will also be subjected to the procedure for measuring body temperature in order to verify that this temperature does not exceed 37.5 °.
The accommodation will be sanitized with certification attached to the Lease Agreement and the guest will be given a Vademecum on the behavior to be followed within the Residence, with particular regard to the common areas.
If there is a need for isolation treatments and / or quarantine periods within the Residence, accommodation dedicated to this purpose has been identified and available within the Residence and a service will be activated to assist the guest in handling domestic needs.
The procedures will be constantly and promptly updated to any governmental provisions and also to any supplementary procedures established by the University of Pavia.

How to attend classes

Here some basics rules to attend classes.

Decide if you want to go to class beforehand! As a university we need to be aware of the number of students who prefer to attend class on premises. There is an online platform where you have to confirm if you want to attend online or on university premises. There are very strict deadlines to confirm your attendance!

To go to class safely:

1- check the deadline to confirm your attendances on your department or course website

Economics and business studies
Law Studies 
Political Science studies 
Communication Studies
Psycology studies 
Med School 
Health Studies 
Sports Studies 
Pharmacy and pharmacy technology studies 
Enviromental and earth studies 

2- login with your university username and password to within the deadlines

You can use this guide to better understand how to use it.


All the libraries of the University of Pavia are now open to students. All users are entitled to consult books and journals onsite as described here 
To access, both for in library- consultation and for study, it is necessary to sign the appropriate self-certification form and reserve a seat via Affluences App

Loan request: you can pick up your library items at one of our pickup service locations. Schedule a no-contact pickup using the Smart Opac app 

Access to Edisu Canteens
Access to Edisu university canteens for the 2020-21 academic year is possible via the APP EDiSU-Pavia.EAT. Register first at EDISU to access this online service 

Get the Bus Card
Find out how to get the Bus Pass

Student Care: Psychological counselling
A dedicated Psychological Counseling Service is active.
This free service (in Italian and English) is for students, teachers and technical-administrative staff. The talks will take place via a Zoom video call platform with the necessary guarantees to protect privacy. You can book an appointment by sending an email to the address and provide your telephone number: you will be called back as soon as possible by the psychologist in charge of telephone triage. During the call, appointments with psychologists will be fixed and instructions for connection will be provided.
On working days the triage service is active from 9.00 to 11.00 by calling 0382.987034.
For interviews with psychologists, which will have a maximum duration of 50 minutes, the Zoom platform will be used.