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The University Museum System offers a variety of museums and collections of interest to both students and the general public. Museums are usually free to access to UNIPV students. 

University History Museum

Palazzo Universitario, Corso Strada Nuova, 65, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 984707

Inaugurated in 1936, the University Museum holds manuscripts, texts, and scientific instruments. There is also a library with around 2000 volumes, mostly dedicated to scientific history, and an archive with a variety of documents, the most consistent of which focus on medicine.

Opening Hours
Monday: 14.00-17.00
Wednesday: 9.00-12.00
Friday: 9.00-13.00
Archive Opening Hours
Monday: 9.00-12.00/14.30-16.30
Tuesday: 9.00-12.00/14.30-16.30
Friday: 9.00-11.00

Kosmos Natural History Museum

Palazzo Botta, Piazza Botta, 9, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 986220

The newest of the University museums, Kosmos takes inspiration from the theme of travel, showcasing the journey of natural history. It boasts one of the world’s oldest zoological collections and has around 500 exhibits accompanied by games, videos and interactive workstations.

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 10-00-18-00

Electrical Technology Museum

Via Adolfo Ferrata, 6, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 984106

It was opened in 2007, and hosts a permanent homage to Alessandro Volta, UNIPV professor and inventor of the battery. A visit will involve retracing the history of electricity, from its discovery to its use on an industrial scale.

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9.00-13.00/14.00-16.30
Every first Saturday of the month: 16.00-19.00

Archeology Museum

Palazzo Universitario, Corso Strada Nuova, 65, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 984199

Founded in 1819, the Archeology Museums hosts a wide variety of collections that cover a chronological arc from prehistory to late-antique. Visitors will find sculptures, pottery, coins, inscriptions, and 2 Egyptian mummies.

Opening Hours
Monday: 14.00-17.00
Thursday: 9.00-12.00
Fourth Saturday of the month: 15.30-18.30

There is also a library and archive accessible on request.

Camillo Golgi Museum

Palazzo Botta, Piazza Botta, 10, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 986491

Opened in 2012, this museum is housed in an authentic setting with visitors discovering the roots of the first Italian Nobel Prize in Medicine, before exploring the most important discoveries of Camillo Golgi, and finally the achievements of Golgi students. The museum also features Camillo Golgi’s lecture hall and the remains of the ancient Museums of the History of Pharmacy.

Opening Times
Wednesday: 9.30-12.00
Other days by appointment

Learn about Camillo Golgi and UNIPV's other famous alumni here.

Mineralogy Museum

Via Ferrata, 1, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 985873

A visit to the Mineralogy Museums will uncover the hidden world of rocks and their development, as well as their use in everyday objects. The museum is organized in two parts: mineralogical systematics and mineralogical samples of major regional interest and size.

Opening Times
Monday-Thursday: 14.00-16.30
Friday: 9.00-12.00

Botanical Gardens

Via S. Epifano, 14, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 22534 (for guided tours)

Established at the end of the 18th century and managed by UNIPV, the gardens cover about 2 hectares of land and feature a wide variety of plants, some of which are protected and rare. As well as the outside area, there is also a museum with living collections and herbariums.

Opening Times
Monday-Thursday: 9.00-12.30/14.30-17.00

Collection of Musical Instruments

Corso Garibaldi, 178, 26100, Cremona
Tel: +39 0372 33925

The collection includes a variety of keyboard instruments from the second half of the eighteenth century; string, wind and percussion instruments from the 1960s-70s; and music from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Opening Times
Tuesday: 16.00-18.30
Thursday: 14.00-16.30
Other times by appointment

The following collections are currently closed to the public but are accessible to scholars by appointment.
Chemistry Museum
Viale Taramelli, 16, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 987867
A collection of tools and materials showing the evolution of research and teaching in the chemical field.

Physics Museum
Via Bassi, 6, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 987687
A variety of devices, the oldest of which date back to the early 20th Century. There is a particular focus on spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Mathematics Collection
Via Ferrata, 5, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 505600
Collection of mathematical models, among the most important of their kind in Italy. They date back to the end of the 19th century. There are more than 160 pieces including Pascal’s Intergraph and the famous “Beltrami cap”.

Phsyiology Collection
Via Forlanini, 6, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 984707
A collection of instruments used is physiological research from the foundation of the Insitute of Physiology by Eusebio Oehl in 1860, to the years after WWII.

Histology and Embryology Collection
Via Forlanini, 10, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 984707
A collection of material used for teaching and research including embryological models and microscopes for the first half of the twentieth century.

Catteneo Anatomy Collection
Via Forlanini, 8, 27100, Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 987647
Created at the end of the eighteenth century, this collection includes osteology, angiology, embryology, splanchnology, esthesiology, neurology and topographical anatomy.