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The University has 9 libraries to serve its various faculties. In addition, there are also museums, research centres and the new Pavia Digital Archive (PAD) dedicated to digital records of contemporary authors.
The local network hosts more than 130 libraries located in Pavia and its province and 1,500,000 documents (ranging from books, periodicals, videos, theses, CD, DVD, music, printed maps to electronic documents).

The library system covers the whole range of academic teaching and research on offer.

The documents owned by academic libraries are listed in the On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). By consulting this source, students can find online information about books, their location and availability. The catalogue also includes documents offered in public libraries. Each library has different opening hours and rules: libraries can be open from a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 50 hours per week, generally from Monday to Friday.

To consult the OPAC, please go to:

For more information consult the english version of the University library system website:


The course instructors will give you information about the books and the course materials needed. In some cases you may get the handouts from the instructor or you’ll have to purchase the course material. You should find the course books available at the Libraries (Biblioteca, in italian).

You can borrow books for one month if they are not part of an official exam bibliography (compulsory readings). You can keep the exam materials only for some hours or a few days.

Photocopying is allowed in libraries, but please note that in Italy it is illegal to photocopy more than 15% of a book.