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Private accommodation

Information regarding private students’ residences in Pavia
There are two private residencies in Pavia:
Green Campus
Campus Residence
Plus, there are four private religious colleges in the city:
Collegio Marianum (female)
Collegio Don Bosco (male)
Collegio Maria Ausiliatrice (female)
Collegio Universitario "Senatore" Figlie della Caritā Canossiane (female)
Admission is managed independently by the individual Colleges; they usually do not have merit requirements, the fees are often higher than EDiSU colleges but additional services are provided (such as internal canteens).

Accommodation in a private flat
There are different ways to look for a private flat to rent:
Centro Assistenza Studenti: pay €15 for joining the service: see as many flats as you want , and pay additional €40 only after finding the accommodation that suites your needs.
• Students usually put their notices about flat sharing up on the notice boards located both in the Uni’s central compound (Strada Nuova, 65) and in each Faculty building.
• Check websites such as Bakeca, Cercacasa, or specific magazines that you can find for free around the city (Attico, Il Tetto, Cercaffari…) or you can buy Passaparola at the news agents.
• Search on Facebook “Pavia Affitti” and you will find many groups where people advertise rooms.
• Estate Agents (“agenzie immobiliari”)

Cost for renting a room in private flat
Rooms can be single or double and usually cost from € 250 to € 350 per month, depending also on the area. Historic centre tends to be more expensive.
Pay attention to the voice “spese” (meaning additional costs such as light, gas, heating) mainly when there are “spese condominiali”: they can be very expensive (up to € 100 per month and per person).

Information about temporary accommodation
While searching for more convenient housing, students may find accommodation in a B&B, in a youth hostel or in a hotel on a temporary basis.

Pavia Ostello 
Rooms to rent
AffittaCamere Pavia 
Pavia Guest House
Residenziale Il Naviglio 
Residence "La Sfera"
Residence "Isola Verde"
Pavia Residence
Residence Silmar
Locanda della Stazione
Le Stanze del Cardinale 
32 BNB 
Residenza "i Mille"

Hotel Moderno 
Hotel Aurora
Hotel Rosengarten 
Hotel Excelsior Pavia 
Cascina Scova Resort
Riz Hotel

When to look for accommodation in a private flat
The best time is before September or beginning of September, since in September and especially later, it can be very tough to find something: little is left, as most students have already taken the biggest and best part of the flats offer (in terms of quality/price)