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One of the first things to solve once in Pavia, will be finding a place to live. Pavia is a University town and this has its pros and cons. You could find a room in one of the University Colleges or rent a room or a flat with your friends.


Today, living in college means being in the midst of a stimulating and creative cultural environment that has a long tradition in
Pavia. College life also allows everyone who joins to become part of an ever-changing group of Italian and overseas students
enrolling on our degree courses. Each of Pavia’s 20 colleges, that, in total, host approximately 2,000 students, has its own particular history. Colleges range from the two oldest institutions, Borromeo and Ghislieri, founded at the end of the 16th century, to the more
recent ones managed by the Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario (EDiSU).
College life is not only study but also an opportunity to acquire a sense of belonging to an open community, one where academic
achievements, traditional events, parties and sporting rivalries play a key role. Moreover, in the colleges students can build their
first professional network. Anyone can access the colleges thanks to a parental-income based fee system, payment by instalments
and educational merit entry criteria. Pavia boasts four traditional, merit-based colleges. These offer internal university courses where research is particularly valued:

Almo Collegio Borromeo
Collegio Ghislieri
Collegio Nuovo (female)
Collegio Santa Caterina (female)

EDiSU manages 11 colleges and 1,500 seats at:
Collegio Fratelli Cairoli (male)
• Collegio Gerolamo Cardano
• Collegio Castiglioni Brugnatelli
• Collegio Plinio Fraccaro
• Collegio Giasone del Maino
• Collegio Camillo Golgi 1
• Collegio Camillo Golgi 2
• Collegio Benvenuto Griziotti
• Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani
• Collegio Lorenzo Valla
• Collegio Alessandro Volta

EDiSU also manages a college located in Cremona:
Collegio Quartier Novo

There are four private colleges in the city:
• Collegio Don Bosco (male)
• Collegio Maria Ausiliatrice
• Collegio Marianum
• Collegio Sant'Agostino

• Almo Collegio Borromeo:
• Collegio Ghislieri:
• Collegio Nuovo:
• Collegio Santa Caterina:
• EDiSU:


Centro Assistenza Studenti finds accommodation to incoming students prior to their arrival. Some students may prefer to look for accommodation on their own.
This is an option that certainly gives them the opportunity to find the accommodation solution that matches their requirements but Centro Assistenza Studenti cannot provide temporary accommodation until the student finds a place where to live.

Corso Mazzini, 9 - 27100 Pavia
Ph: +39 0382.539393 – Fax + 39 0382.539393
Monday-Thursday: 9.30-12.30 / 15.00-18.00 Friday: 9.30-12.30

Renting a room
If you are not able to find a place in the colleges or if you prefer not to go there, you can look for a room. Many flats are rent to students and usually there is always a room available. You can find quite all the advertisements on the University billboards. Check also some websites (as Bakeca:, Cercacasa:, Easystanza:, ebay/kijiji: and others) or specific magazines that you can find for free around the city (Attico, Il Tetto, Cercaffari) or buy at every newsagents’ (Passaparola). Rooms can be single or double and usually cost from € 200 to € 300 per month.

Other colleges
In addition to the EDiSU colleges, there are also some private ones, almost all run by the clergy or by religious institutions: Collegio Sant’Agostino (male and female), Collegio Don Bosco (salesian, male), Collegio Riboldi (male and female), Collegio Universitario Femminile Boerchio (female), Collegio Femminile Marianum (female), Collegio Canossiane, Collegio Maria Ausiliatrice.