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Ateneo Card

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Ateneo Card

The Ateneo Card (Carta Ateneo+)  is the new identification card that the University of Pavia has designed for its students (not for exchange students). This is an innovative multiservice card, issued without activation costs by Banca Popolare di Sondrio, the treasury bank of the University of Pavia. The card can be activated as a prepaid reloadable credit card and will be used automatically by the University to credit any refunds, scholarships and sums due for student collaborations. The card can also be used in stores in contactless mode, for internet purchases and is designed to be able to access a wide range of services in the future.

How to get the Ateneo Card 

The Carta Ateneo+ is automatically issued for students enrolled for the first year in the A.A. 2020/21.

PhD students can request the Ateneo Card by filling the questionnaire available in their Personal Area “Questionnaires” section, “General questionnaires” option.

Starting the end of September 2020, the Card will be sent to the address declared during enrollment. If you reside abroad, you will not receive the card by mail but you will have to collect it at the desk of the Registrar's Office by appointment to be booked at You can do that only after having received an email that notifies the availability of the card. We also inform you that, if you request it, the card can be activated as a prepaid rechargeable credit card with IBAN which will be used by the University in case of refunds, scholarships and sums due for student collaborations.

Last update 16/11/2020