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International Activities

The University of Pavia (UNIPV) was one of the first Italian universities begin internationalising its academic system. The University of Pavia, together with the Universities of Bologna and Siena, was the first to implement the ERASMUS Programme for foreign students (1988). Similarly, Pavia has been collaborating since the late 1980s with the Coimbra Group (a group of the oldest and most prestigious European universities) on a number of projects for the “Europeanisation” of the university system (i.e. implementation of the ECTS credit transfer system). These projects were subsequently approved by the European Union.

Based on its experience at the forefront of internationalisation, UNIPV believes in providing opportunities for its students to pursue international careers (offering international scholarships for outstanding incoming and outgoing students) as well as encouraging research (financing projects for researchers at UNIPV and attracting scholars from around the world). Using its numerous academic contacts over the years, UNIPV has been able to create a network of international collaboration that today includes over 500 partner universities and research institutions throughout the world. This has led to international academic prestige.

The University of Pavia has dedicated a portion of its international funds and human resources to developing countries through the Centre for International Cooperation and Development (CICOPS). The International Relations Division is responsible for coordination and implementation of internationalisation projects. The Division follows the directives of university management and works in collaboration with the Pro-rector for International Relations.

The University of Pavia has numerous cooperation Agreements with foreign universities: to surf the interactive map of the Agreements click here or on the map below.

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