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  • There are many options for students when it comes to living in Pavia. See Housing for all information.
  • Depending on what type of accomodation you choose, rent can cost between €280-600/month.
  • The most affordable option is a room in one of the EdiSU colleges, which will cost €280-350/month.
  • Although it is possible to rent a room in a shared apartment for as little as €200/month, this excludes bills and contract registration charges, which you should always ask about if you are interested in renting privately. Look out for the words 'spese escluse', which means bills excluded. 
  • If you would prefer to live alone, a private studio costs up to €380-500/month excluding other charges, whilst a studio at Campus Residence or Green Campus will cost €560/month (shared options are also available).
  • For the full list of accomodation prices, visit the Centro Assistenza Studenti website.
  • Shops and boutiques in the central area are open Monday-Saturday from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.00/15.30 to 19.30.
  • The department stores and supermarkets are usually open Monday-Saturday from 9.00 to 19.30.
  • Food shops are closed on Monday afternoons while other kind of shops are closed on Monday mornings. All shops are closed on Sundays.
  • The major streets of the town, Corso Strada Nuova, Corso Cavour and Corso Garibaldi have many shops and boutiques that meet any kind of taste. However, you can find plenty of charming shops all over the city!

  • Piazza Petrarca: open Monday-Saturday, closes at 2pm, except Wednesday and Saturday when it closes at 7pm.
  • Piazza Duomo: open Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • Piazza del Carmine: Farmer's market, open Wednesday and Saturday mornings
  • There are many supermarkets in Pavia, including a 24-hour Carrefour on Via Matteotti.
  • Remember to take coins if you want to use a shopping trolley.
  • Bags at supermarkets cost €0.05, in order to reduce pastic waste.
  • There are also shops around town selling food, drinks, and other goods from many foreign countries.
  • Bread: €4/kg
  • Milk: €1.30/l
  • Rice: €2/kg
  • Pasta: €1/kg
  • Mineral water: €0.50-1/l
  • Beef: €10-20/kg
  • Coffee in a café: €1
  • Pint of beer: €5
  • Aperitivo: €6
  • Pizza: €5-10
  • Fast food: €5.50

  • It is easy to travel around Pavia by bus, bike or foot.
  • The bus company Autoguidovie serves the Pavia area, and students recieve a substantial discount: find information about the UNIPASS here.
  • It is possible to rent bikes with Pavia in Bici, which costs €20/year for a membership, with the bike rental being free for the first hour, €1.20 for the second, and €2 for subsequent hours.
  • There is also the option to buy a second-hand bike from one of the bike shops in Pavia or from Facebook Marketplace, or other online-selling sites.
  • A single train ticket to Milan costs just €4, and from there it is possible to travel within Italy and to neighbouring countries.
  • For information on routes and prices see
  • University students also recieve a 10% discount once a month with, which is valid on all FlixBus national and international services. 
  • In order to request your discount, you will first need to recieve your unique password. To do this email from your university email address, with the email subject as 'Password request, University of Pavia (or your home university)', making sure to include your name and Ateneo in the email body. Once you have recieved your password, you can claim your discount code every month here. Book your trip on the FlixBus website or the free app, and enjoy the journey!
  • For information about enertainment in Pavia, visit this page.
  • There are many things to do in Pavia for free, and students also recieve discounts at many establisments.
  • Cinema ticket: €8
  • Book: €10-15
  • Newspaper: €1.30
  • Private gym: €40-50/month
  • University gym: €15-20/month
  • Club entry: €10