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Become an Ambassador of the University of Pavia for International Students


Why become an Ambassador?
Being a Student Ambassador is a deeply rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and also in terms of your career prospects after leaving the University of Pavia.
As a Student Ambassador you are the face of the University and as part of this role, you will relay information about your University of Pavia experience to the prospective students of tomorrow. You will be highly influential in decisions that have a big impact on the University including a student's decision to study with us.

Role Description
The University of Pavia is developing a chat platform for international prospective students ( see example here
Your role involve:
● To represent your university on the new Platform
● To answer questions from prospective students via chat about study, life and your experience at University. Popular topics include: study, exams, assignments, accommodation, clubs and societies, sports, preparing for university, managing your finances, campus life, etc. Chatting will last about one hour/ week starting the end of June 2020
● To check your account on a daily basis and answer questions in a timely manner.
● To keep conversations going and build up a friendly relationship with students.
Ambassadors will be active online starting the end of June for about one hour per week.

To be a successful Ambassador you must:
● Be a current student at the University of Pava enrolled in Master’s Degree Programs in English.
● Be passonate, proactive, social, open and full of energy
● Be flexible and willing to respond to questions quickly and efficiently.
● Be responsible, open and honest in your communications.
● Be a good role model for prospective students.

What you will earn being an Ambassador
You will act on a voluntary basis, thus no financial reward is foreseen for this activity.
You will get an Ambassador profile, a snapshot of your personality that contains information about your course, nationality, languages, favourite classes, hobbies and interests. When students visit the Ambassador page on our university’s website, they can read your profile and get in touch via the ‘chat now’ button.

Who can apply
All students studying a Master Program in English at the University of Pavia can be Ambassadors, preferably those who have gained experience at an international level and who plan to be still enrolled in the academic year 2020-21

How to apply
Send your application here by the June, 5 2020.
The selection period, which may include a short video call with the applying students, will start on 8 June and will end on 12 June. In case of a necessary call you will be contacted and informed by email.
Results of the selection period will be communicated by email by the June, 12 2020.

What’s next?
Ambassadors will be trained with short videos and guided by the staff of the International Office of the University of Pavia.
You will start your Ambassador activity from June, 22 2020 per about 1 hour per week.

Ufficio relazioni Internazionali, Corso Carlo Alberto 7, tel 0382 984225,