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The University of Pavia is a member of several important international networks:

EC2U: The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education- and research-led, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union. It represents a community of 180,000 students and staff, in direct reach to more than 1,500, 000 citizens. The Alliance’s ambition is to develop an innovative space allowing mobility to flow freely between the seven universities and associated cities.

: The European University Association has 850 members across 47 countries; making it the largest and most representative university association in Europe. EUA promotes the exchange of best practices, through participation in international conferences and projects, as well as offering members the opportunity to influence European policies in the fields of higher education and research.

Coimbra Group
: Founded in 1985, the Coimbra Group, based in Brussels, is an association of long-established European multidisciplinary universities of high international standard. It aims to create academic and cultural links between members; to promote internationalization, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and the third mission. The group also aims to influence European educational policy and to develop best practice through mutual exchange of experience.

: The Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED), founded in October 1991, is an association of universities from the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin. It counts 103 associated Universities coming from 23 countries of both shores of Mediterranean. UNIMED’s aim is to develop university research and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation.

: The European Association for International Education is a non-profit organization, founded in 1989, recognized today as the leading European centre for internationalizing higher education. The EAIE initiatives are aimed at individuals actively involved in internationalization processes of their institutions, offering training courses, conferences and distribution of knowledge.

: ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) is a network of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education. Within ISEP, each year UNIPV partakes in student exchanges with universities in the United States, as well as funding scholarships.

: Established in 2008, based in Piran, Slovenia, the Euro-Mediterranean University is a committed and dynamic network of diverse Euro-Mediterranean institutions, providing a platform for intercultural dialogue, as well as offering state-of-the-art study and research programs.

: The Italian University Consortium for Argentina, founded in 2002, is an association of Italian universities for the promotion of cooperation with universities and research centers in Argentina. The CUIA supports joint projects and research, post-graduate mobility, intensive courses and workshops.

Scholars at Risk (SAR): SAR is a network of higher education institutions founded in 1999 at the University of Chicago, with the aim to promote academic freedom and to protect scholars at risk in their country. SAR is currently member of the Network for Education and Academic Rights (NEAR) and of the Scholars Rescue Fund (SRF)-Institute of International Education (IIE). 450 universities in 40 countries are currently members of SAR.
Main objectives of SAR Italy are: sharing information, exchanging best practices, cooperation in protection and advocacy activities, and organizing dissemination events and awareness campaigns.