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cooperation and development

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CICOPS was established in 1987 to promote cooperation with developing countries and stimulate relations between the University of Pavia and universities in developing countries.
CICOPS is committed to human and institutional development in developing countries. This aim will be achieved by offering young people the chance to grow and contribute to the development of their countries. After twenty years of experience in the fields of cooperation and development, it is clear to us that joint study and research projects between different parts of the world can help both the developed and developing worlds. With this in mind, CICOPS is working towards creating an ever-growing network of international contacts, including foreign universities, governments and international, non-governmental organisations. University cooperation is fundamental for diffusing knowledge as well as promoting dialogue and peace.

Main Activities
- Management of cooperation programmes and projects;
- Cultural, scientific and technical-professional training of academic staff, researchers and government officials from developing countries and Italy;
- Joint research initiatives;
- "Sister" Post-Graduate Programmes at the University of Bethlehem and the University of San Buenaventura, Cartegena;
- Curricula development with partner institutions in developing countries;
- Encouragement of student exchanges between the University of Pavia and universities in developing countries;
- Information, training and guidance for Italian personnel and volunteers assigned to developing countries;
- Upon request from the Italian Foreign Ministry, the European Union and other institutions, organisation of courses and seminars for training, qualifying and updating the knowledge and skills of personnel working in the field of cooperation and development.