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The University of Pavia is member of several important International networks:

- EUA ( European University Association has 850 members across 47 countries; it is the largest and most comprehensive organisation representing universities in Europe. EUA provides opportunities for members to share best practice by participating in projects, events and other mutual learning activities. Above all, EUA provides members with unique opportunities to influence and shape future European policy and initiatives affecting higher education and research. EUA was formed in 2001 as the result of a merger between the Association of European Universities (CRE) and the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conferences.

- Coimbra Group ( founded in 1985 it is an association of long-established European multidisciplinary universities of high international standard and is committed to creating special academic and cultural ties in order to promote internationalisation, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and service to society. The group also aims to influence European educational policy and to develop best practice through mutual exchange of experience.

- UNIMED ( the Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in October 1991, is an association of Universities from the countries of the Mediterranean basin. It counts 103 associated Universities coming from 23 countries of both shores of Mediterranean. UNIMED’s aim is to develop university research and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area in order to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation. UNIMED acts in different fields: tangible and intangible cultural heritage, economics, energy, environment, management of water resources, transports, health, media, new technologies, history, tourism.

- NOHA ( NOHA is an international association of universities that aims to enhance professionalism in humanitarian action through education & training, research & publications and projects. As a network of academic institutions, NOHA brings a university ethos to the existing humanitarian principles that govern humanitarian action.

- ISEP ( ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) is a network of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. Established in 1979 under authority of the Fulbright-Hays Act as the International Student Exchange Program at Georgetown University, ISEP was supported by a grant from the (former) United States Information Agency until 1996. In 1997, ISEP was incorporated as an independent organization.

- EAIE ( the European Association for International Education was founded in 1989 and it is the acknowledged European leadership centre for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalisation of higher education. It is a non-profit organisation serving individuals actively involved in the internationalisation of their institutions through a combination of training, conferences, and the acquisition and distribution of knowledge.

- IAU ( the International Association of Universities, founded in 1950, is the UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher education institutions. It brings together institutions and organisations from some 120 countries for reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies active in higher education.

- EMUNI ( Since being established in 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean University has become an international institution gathering the expert knowledge and experience of Euro-Mediterranean countries and thus contributing significantly to the creation of a unified, integrated Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.

- CUIA ( the Consorzio Universitario Italiano per l'Argentina, founded in 2002, is a consortium of Italian Universities that promotes the cooperation with Argentinian Universities and Research Centers. It supponts joint projects and research, mobilities at post-graduate level, intensive courses and other activities betwwen Italy and Argentina.