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University payments

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University payments


You can use our online payment system PagoPA to pay by credit, debit card or Paypal. Enter your Student Portal and find the payment to be made in Segreteria – Pagamenti section. Open the payment page by clicking the invoice number and then choose the online payment method in red ‘Pago con PagoPA’.

If you are unable to pay online, we accept a number of offline payment methods. In this case, you have to print out the bill from Student Portal by clicking the button in blue ‘Stampa Avviso per PagoPA’ and bring it to your bank (if equipped with PagoPA system)/any branch of Banca Popolare di Sondrio/a tabacco shop (if equipped with PagoPA system).
Click here to see the tutorial.

Bank Transfer (acceptable only from abroad)
Foreign students who are unable to make the payment neither online nor offline can pay via bank transfer and will be provided with the bank details by sending a request to Direct Line (enrolled students)/Welcome Point (prospective students). This kind of payment is accepted only if made from abroad.


Tuition fees
Please check the deadline of each installment on the FEES page.

Graduation parchment fee
Generated in the Student Portal after the graduation request has been submitted, the graduation parchment fee must be paid within the deadline indicated in the Graduation Calendar of your department.


There is no deadline for a penalty. On the penalty you may find a due date but it has no effective meaning. Please note that an unpaid penalty may block your Student Portal. If you have any doubt on the penalty you see in the Student Portal, please contact us at Direct Line (enrolled students)/Welcome Point (prospective students).

Other administration fees
An administration fee may be applied if you request a document or a service from University of Pavia, for example transfer service, official certificate, recognition of a gap year etc. The required service or document will not be processed until the payment will be done.