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Determination of tuition fee for Non-EU students residing abroad

Non-EU students* residing abroad who possess a study visa and permit of stay for study can choose one of the following determinations:

- flat rate determined by citizenship;

- tuition fee adjusted to family’s financial situation;

* in case of dual citizenship and one is EU, student will be considered as an EU and please go to the page ‘Determination of tuition fee for EU students wherever residing and Non-EU students residing regularly in Italy’.

The flat rate, which includes the fixed tax of 156 euros, is determined by citizenship and applies to student with a study visa and a regular permit of stay for study.

The flat rate will be applied AUTOMATICALLY to the students if they don't ask to adjust the tuition fee to the family's financial situation. If the flat rate is not correctly applied, please send a copy of study visa/permit of stay or the receipt of application for permit of stay for study to Direct Line.

Countries and regions are grouped into 3 brackets (click to see which bracket you fall into) according to the World Bank’s classification:

Course areaBracket 1Bracket 2Bracket 3
Humanities€ 400€ 1000€ 3500
Sciences€ 400€ 1500€ 4500

If student chooses to pay the flat rate, the 1st installment will be only the fixed tax of 156 euros and the rest of the amount due will be divided in 3 equal installments.

Please note: in academic year 2020/2021, once a first year student chooses to pay the flat rate, the bracket of this year will remain unvaried for a number of years equal to the whole duration of his/her course plus 1 year. In case of enrollment in subsequent years, the bracket will remain unvaried for a number of years equal to the rest of the duration of his/her course plus 1 year.

Student can ask to calculate the tuition fee according to his/her family’s financial situation submitting the following documents to university’s Tax Office (book an appointment here) within 23rd October 2020:
- total family’s income of year 2019;
- family’s composition;
- property certificate with clear indication of house square meters;
- movable assets and bank account of all family members by 31st Dec. 2019;

Check more details on the documents to be submitted.

ATTENTION: the students who are not able to produce the required documentation within the deadline can request an extension to 1st March 2021 by sending this form to: by 23rd October 2020.

Please note that all the above-mentioned documents must be translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian diplomatic authority in the country/region where the documents are produced. Student who does not require the fee adjusted in this way will be considered automatically to choose the flat rate.

 Use the Tuition Fee Simulator to calcolate your fees based on family's financial situation.

If student applies for any benefits offered by EDISU, his/her tuition fee will be adjusted automatically to the family’s financial situation and in this case the flat rate will not be applied. Once submitted the application to EDISU office with required documents relevant to family’s financial situation, student doesn’t need to submit the same documents to university’s Tax Office again. The EDISU office will transmit automatically all the datas directly to tax office.