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Work experience at university of Pavia

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Work experience at the University of Pavia (part time communication and tutoring)


Every year, students at the University of Pavia ( post 1st year bachelors or masters) have the chance do a part time work placement in a university office or service in order to help improve university services (min 50h- max 150h).
The annual Announcement (published in Italian) describes the various opportunities, states the rates of pay and defines who can apply for each task. Selection is mainly based on academic merit.

There are different kinds of placement. These can be related to:
➢ Student and fresher assistance
➢ Erasmus student assistance
➢ Disabled student assistance
➢ Cultural, scientific and sport events
➢ Support and assistance at libraries, museums and university archives
➢ Assistance at computer clusters and recording and storage of information 

Here you can read the latest Announcement (in Italian) and find other useful information about part time placements.


Students with academic merit and experience may be selected to carry out Tutorial activity for students.
This can involve:
• Students and future freshers (I and II level)
• Advising on students' choices of MA course
• Repetition courses for students for the most difficult exams and to freshers admitted with condition
• Pre and post internship assistance during the compulsory internship period (bachelor level)

Here you can find all the information about Tutoring and how to become a Tutor (see the menu on the right – in Italian).