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Services to Students

To whom?

A website helping students and graduates in carrying out autonomous research and suggesting solutions to frequently occurring problems linked to international mobility, including:

• More than 50 of the most reliable internship and job browsers available on the web (worldwide and single-Country oriented);

• A selection of useful links for starting a career in various important international organisations, e.g. the European Union and the United Nations;

• A “Mobility Handbook” containing useful links and suggestions on accommodation, language courses and study abroad;

• More than 30 “CV Handbook” for most EU Countries, containing useful tips on how to write a good CV, as well as on how to perform well at job interviews; 

• A section on International Summer Schools, for training in specific context and issues;

• A special "Seasonal jobs in UK" section, containing 60 useful link to get a job during the summer holidays to help improve spoken English.

Furthermore, we publich a selection of the best internship and job offers on the homepage Service website.

Finally, it offers individual and personalised services reserved to students and graduates of University of Pavia who are looking for an internship experience. After a short interview, aimed at detecting their needs, their academic career, their interests and professional goals.
It helps students and graduates in planning a successful research and picks relevant internship and job offers consistent with every specific student’s requirement. Students from University of Pavia can get this service through an e-mail request or by visiting the office.

For international students of University of Pavia.
To help students in writing a usefull CV in italian language, Centro Orientamento Universitario offers a "CV check service" with one-to-one career guidance interviews.
More info at "Servizi Placement Individuali - C.OR."